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JobPro Home is a convenient app for outsourcing home maintenance and improvement tasks.

The JobPro platform bridges service seekers and local service Professionals together, allowing homeowners to find and hire the right people in town for their home service needs.

JobPro is currently available to users in Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

We are expanding fast, so check back soon to find out if we are in your city.

JobPro starts off offering you 10 home services, namely:

• AirCond Servicing
• AirCond Installation
• AirCond Unit Removal
• Cleaning Service
• Gas Delivery Service
• Grass Cutting Service
• Cooker Hood Servicing
• Cooker Hood Installation
• Water Closet Installation
• Water Heater Installation

We have more services launching soon, so keep an eye out!

When you post a service request on the JobPro Home app, your request will be disseminated to, and notify all registered service Professionals in your city who offer that service (e.g. as a service seeker who’s located in Bintulu, posting an AirCond Servicing request will notify all registered AirCond Servicing Professionals in Bintulu).

Upon receiving your service request, the Professionals may respond by advertising themselves to you as available for hire.

Every service offered on JobPro has a set of default tasks or predetermined scope of work, hence the fixed and upfront base price.

Yes, you may request for other tasks out of the job scope or extend your service. However, you will need to negotiate any additional request or extension personally with the Professional you hired. Should they charge you with additional fees, you will be charged separately as JobPro prioritize service charges associated with the default tasks or predetermined scope of work.

Additional tasks out of the job scope or service extensions are considered as extras.

We encourage you to communicate the extras to your Professional in advance for mutual agreement. You may discuss the job’s feasibility and the charges that they may apply.

No, posting a service request or hiring a service Professional on JobPro is free of charge.

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